Launch your security career right from your home. Enroll now for our eagerly awaited virtual sessions and pave your way to securing your security license.

Enroll now in our eagerly-awaited virtual courses and set yourself on the course to achieve your security license.

Getting Ready for Your Course in Simple Terms

Before you sign up for our weapons licence course, here’s what you should do:

Enroll & Buy

First, you need to enroll for the course and pay for it. Once you do that, you can start learning.

Share Photo ID

You'll be asked to upload a picture of your ID and a photo of yourself. This is to make sure it's really you.

Webcam Use

We'll use a webcam to take a picture of you holding your ID and to talk to the teacher in live classes.

Question Answers

During the course, you'll get some questions to make sure you're actively participating and learning.

5-Day Course

The course lasts for 5 days. Make sure you can be there every day to get the most out of it.

Final Test

After you finish all the lessons, you'll take a test. This is the last step.

Course Completion & Certification

Once you finish the course, you can access the DOA. Your certificate will be ready to print 24 hours after you pass the test.

Get Hired

Certification will open doors of opportunity in security industry and get you hired soon.


Our Security Training

Nation Security School is a Florida State licensed Security Officer School. Our security training programs include Security Officer (D License), Statewide Firearm (Class G License), Concealed Weapon (CW License) and other security officer courses.

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training provides 4 hours of training with experts and former officers of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

CPR & First Aid Training

Nation Security School encourages all Professional Security Officer to complete this course and get certified in the CPR and First Aid Training.

Class D & G Training

Get teh bundle of the Class D and Class G together and save $110.00! Received training to become a top notched, security professional.


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